Creator of Superman Workout
Creator of Creme Gabrielle
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Dabbled in Acting
On Magazine Covers
On Magazine Covers
Celebrity Status
Celebrity Status
Celebrity Status

Welcome to Bassgabrielle.com – The official website of Bass Gabrielle


Bass Gabrielle has done it all! Conquered all his goals and challenges- Mixed Martial Arts, Bodybuilding, Acting, Producing and Famous Physique Model, just to name a few- among his many other talents... Bass Gabrielle is famous for the Superman Workout, Creme Gabrielle, Physique Modeling, the many magazine covers and public images, in addition to acting and his many Hollywood appearances. Bass Gabrielle is a self-made man, an Entrepreneur and Creator who has expanded his BG brand and empire all across the globe, from Australia to the United States, and furthermore around the world. This includes Bass Gabrielle's own anti-aging skin line and brand of "Creme Gabrielle" which you can visit at the official website www.cremegabrielle.com. Bass Gabrielle has also dabbled well in both acting & producing of film and television. Bass Gabrielle moved from Australia to the United States in 2010 to further expand and diversify all his enterprises and challenges, based in Hollywood in 2010 Bass Gabrielle was offered acting and film roles, supported with media coverage and publicity all riding on the momentum of his Superman Workout success. In 2010 Bass Gabrielle became a successful actor and EP (Executive Producer), with his hit success of the TV pilot "The Bottom Line." In addition to the two films he featured in, "4 Bullet Cop Out" and "Live No More." See the News section on this site. It was these lead acting roles and successes which resulted in the prestigious SAG nomination, membership and awards. From 2010 Bass Gabrielle hit the "big time" internationally and in Hollywood; living the American Dream whilst expanding his brand name empire. Bass Gabrielle's accomplishments and overall "huge" international success; fame and celebrity status has landed him on many Hollywood red carpets with many media and Hollywood interviews. In addition to being selected and featured on Time Square billboards, Television, Radio, and gracing the front covers of International Magazines; as all evident and displayed on this site. 

Bass Gabrielle was described in 2010 by major US networks NBC, CBS, & FOX as "The actor, celebrity business mogul, and international fitness star, inspires us with his unshakable determination to succeed..."

As you will see throughout this site Bass "Superman" Gabrielle is very diverse and multi-talented, taking on many different challenges and performing many different roles. This has earned him the nickname of "Mr. Versatility", and it's this versatility which makes Bass Gabrielle truly unique, giving him the upper advantage. Even the United States government considers Bass Gabrielle extraordinarily talented by immediately granting him the EB-1  "Extraordinary Abilities" USA Green Card in 2011. The EB-1 is the highest standard and priority Green Card issued by the US government. To qualify for the EB-1 Extraordinary Abilities, the applicant must be able to prove they qualify with the following eligibility criteria of what the government defines as: “Extraordinary Ability” which is to be demonstrated with extraordinary abilities in the fields of sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics; through sustained national or international acclaim in the form of accomplishments, achievements, awards, public records of achievements, news/media/publicity, articles written about, industry recognition, and academic results. The evidence submitted must meet at least 3 out of 10 criteria set by USCIS or provide evidence of a truly exceptional single achievement. In the case of Bass Gabrielle, he achieved 10 out of 10, as he was truly unique in that, he had actually achieved in not one field, but in all the fields listed being- business, education, arts, science and athleticism. Others tend to be in one field and specialization only, but Bass Gabrielle had achieved extraordinary abilities in all listed fields. Based on his accomplishments and achievements in business through innovation and creation, as a successful and public entrepreneur. His accomplishments and achievements in higher education through outstanding academic results with high distinctions. His accomplishments and achievements in athleticism, through both the creation and abilities of the superman workout- in addition to his abilities in mixed martial arts and physique achievements. And finally, his accomplishments and achievements in the arts through film, acting and modeling, all at both the national and international level. In 2016, Bass Gabrielle was offered US citizenship, and honored to call America home since 2010.

Bass Gabrielle is the creator and founder of the popular Superman Workout which is based on his Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and bodybuilding backgrounds coupled with Bass Gabrielle's supreme athleticism. The superman workout utilizes a combination of MMA, bodybuilding, and specific functional strength exercises; all performed as giant super sets in a cross training cardio circuit. This is the training program Bass Gabrielle uses to get himself into his best shape and conditioning, which indeed placed him on magazine front covers and many public images.  



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