1977: Born December 21, 1977. Queen Victoria Hospital, Melbourne, Australia.

1992: High School graduation, Koonung Secondary College, Melbourne, Australia.

1997: University graduation ceremony for the graduates class of 1996, Victoria University.
Commonwealth Education. School of Economics. 
Double Bachelors Business Degrees(major in Applied Economics & International Business).
Honors graduation High Distinctions(HD).

1997:Commenced ownership of first company BM Industries Pty Ltd. Melbourne, Australia.
International trade.

1999: First real estate portfolios acquisitions, Melbourne,Australia.

2001: First trip to USA- Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas.

2005: Commenced Property Portfolio Acquisitions in Collins St, Melbourne, Australia.
Ownership of BASS International Corp USA in NV, USA.
Commenced International travels business relationships with Europe, USA, Dubai.
Living in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, Paris, Amsterdam.

2006: Further Acquisitions of Melbourne real estate portfolio in Melbourne CBD.
Three months during Aug-Oct lived in Manhattan, NYC.
Oct/Nov Fiji location for film investment opportunities with cast from Hollywood.

2007: Ownership of Vikland Pty Ltd, Australia. Located Collins St, Melbourne, Australia.
Ownership of Cheqout Pty Ltd, Australia. Located Collins St, Melbourne, Australia.
Four months during Sep-Dec in Las Vegas, London, Egypt, Dubai.
Large investment portfolio of US commodities equities market.

2008: Commenced MMA in Melbourne, Australia,
final fight record 8-0 with Victoria Combat Commission.

2009: Superman Workout. Melbourne, Australia.
Superman Workout DVD official release.
Superman Workout Trademark, Australia. IP Australia.
Australian Magazine photo shoots and commercials.

2010: Ownership of Bass Productions LLC, NV, USA.
Bass Productions LLC, Los Angeles office & location.
Superman Workout DVD, USA launch and release.
Relocated to United States of America. Migrated to Los Angeles, CA.
Hollywood residence, Hollywood projects and publicity.
USA Hollywood photo shoots, magazine covers, media interviews.
Featured on main NYC Time Square Billboard at 7th & Broadway.
Featured on Las Vegas blvd Strip billboards-Fashion Show.
USA TV pilot- The Bottom Line. 2010.
Film- Live No More. Starring Bass Gabrielle. 2010.

2011: Granted USA Green Card. Extraordinary Abilities category (EB-1).
Film- 4 Bullet Cop Out. Starring Bass Gabrielle. 2011.
SAG membership, nomination, and award for work performed, and provided for SAG actors. 
Hollywood National publicity,media interviews.
CA based litigation cases victory.
CA based anti-aging project.

2012: Real Estate acquisitions & expansion into Las Vegas.
IP Australia case victory over DC Comics re: Superman Workout trademark.
Development & Creation of Creme Gabrielle.
Formulated final formula of Creme Gabrielle, trialed and tested.
Creme Gabrielle contract manufacturing contract issuance, FDA approved,by GMP facility in AZ, USA.

2013: Resumed back into MMA, at Extreme Couture in Las Vegas, USA.
Creme Gabrielle official market release in 2013. Official site
Creme Gabrielle official TV launch and media campaign in 2013.
Creme Gabrielle National Prime Time 30 second TV advertisement slot for 3 months OCT-DEC.

2014: Creme Gabrielle USPTO Trademark, USA. Reg No. 4,500,702.
Creme Gabrielle Trademark victory re trademark dispute with opposition.

2015: Further Las Vegas Real Estate Portfolio Acquisitions in 2015.
Oxford University, Commonwealth Australia, New Zealand, UK & England 2015 publication,
law faculty text book featuring superman workout trademark case as the university curriculum.

2016: Offered US citizenship.
Millennium Trading LTD. Crude Oil (CL). Millennium Oil  
Creme Gabrielle new production line added, and additional capitalization from BG.

2017: BG Capital.
BG Homes & Properties.

2018: HYBRID Clothing brand released.                     



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