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Having reached the epitome of physical fitness and achieving his physical goals, Bass Gabrielle also dabbled in his other passion and love- acting and producing. Kick starting in front of the camera first, with the "cinematic" Superman Workout in 2009 which he also produced. Then secondly, on September 27, 2010 Bass Gabrielle earned the opportunity to have his own "cinematic" reality TV pilot titled "The Bottom Line." Bass Gabrielle displays his skills as the star of the show, and was also the executive producer.

Due to his performance as the star of the show and executive producer, Bass Gabrielle was offered membership into the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) in Hollywood. The Screen Actors Guild(SAG) is the most prestigious actors organization and union in the world. This was then followed thirdly, in 2011 by two big budget short feature films, both filmed in Los Angeles titled- "4 Bullet Cop Out" and "Live No More." In which Bass Gabrielle played the lead roles in both and was also the executive producer for both films. Bass Gabrielle has so far displayed versatile acting roles and offered diverse filming projects. Bass Gabrielle has taken on completely different roles and diversified from workout dvds, to reality TV, to action actor; and to intense dramatic actor. You can view these acting roles in the News section of this site. Bass Gabrielle truly is Mr. "Versatility." His love and passion for film has metamorphosed into his fledged film enterprises.

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