October, 2018. HYBRID clothing brand released. Bass Gabrielle clothing brand HYBRID. Tshirt line . The Hybrid name represents the fusion of mixed martial arts/bodybuilding/super athlete/commando for the ultimate warrior. Inspired by the Bushido 7 way of the warrior philosophy- the code of honor, courage, righteousness, loyalty, compassion, respect, and integrity. Combined with the mystical power, knowledge and wisdom of ancient Egypt. Front design is hybrid on collar, rear is signature symbol eye of Ra and Horus with signature name on bottom. Excellent fabric. Available in sizes S-XL. Worldwide shipping. $19.99. Order here online via or on amazon or via Instagram. See images


February, 2017. BG CAPITAL: Private Equity Lender.

January, 2017. BG Homes


July, 2016. Creme Gabrielle and Superman Workout licensing and Royalties agreement finalized and effectuated.

June, 2016. Creme Gabrielle new production line added, and additional capitalization from BG

April, 2016. Millennium Oil Trading LTD. .

Oxford University Press announces in 2015


Oxford University Press announces- student law text book of Intellectual Property Law, by Kathy Bowrey to feature Bass Gabrielle, the BG logo and case extract from the DC Comics case Mr Gabrielle won with IP Australia. Oxford publications will print Five Thousand (5000) copies of the law text book to be part of the law faculty and university curriculum. Australia, New Zealand and England/UK international publications. Release date May 2015. See Oxford University publications and above images.

BG & BKA Real Estate boom!

December 16, 2014 BG Real Estate investments in Las Vegas and California .

Creme Gabrielle opens new office on famous Las Vegas Strip

July 23, 2014 Creme Gabrielle opens new office, board rooms and conference center in Las Vegas on the famous Las Vegas Strip at Level 1/3960 S.Las Vegas blvd. NV, 89119 inside The Four Seasons Hotel.

New Creme Gabrielle Distributors from 2014

New Creme Gabrielle Distributors appointed for USA, Canada, Sth America, Australia, 

New Zealand, UK, France, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Dubai, Qatar, China, Russia.

Go to for your nearest distributor and remailer.

Creme Gabrielle Media Campaign & TV ad

Creme Gabrielle Media Campaign & TV ad. Aired on prime timeTV from October 2013.


August 2013, Creme Gabrielle USA Trademark Approval. USPTO Reg No. 4,500,702.

Creme Gabrielle official launch in 2013!

Creme Gabrielle officially launched in March 2013! Available now in stores and online at Email customer support at for your nearest

Bass Gabrielle wins Superman Workout trademark case

July 24, 2012. Bass Gabrielle wins trademark opposition hearing case in Australia against US based comic giant DC Comics. 
On July 24, 2012, IP Australia Hearing Officer Michael Kirov ruled in favor of Gabrielle's trademark "Superman Workout"on all grounds against DC Comics opposition.

The BG brand & TV Sizzle

The BG brand & TV Sizzle of 2011.

Bass Gabrielle Red Carpet, Blue Carpet & Hollywood appearances^photowizard.sql&q2=Bass%20Gabrielle



4 Bullet Cop Out, January, 2011. Starring Bass Gabrielle


Scenes from Live No More, November 2010. Starring Bass Gabrielle



The Bottom Line TV pilot sizzle reel, October 2010. Starring Bass Gabrielle


The Bottom Line TV pilot preview trailer, October 2010. Starring Bass Gabrielle.



Somewhere in Vegas Radio Interview

Somewhere in Vegas Radio Interview 2010.

Interview with Artist on Demand in 2010

Artist on Demand: Watch Video

Volume I

Volume II

Volume III

Las Vegas Strip Billboard for TV pilot September 2010 



Time square NYC, Billboard for TV pilot September 2010 



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